Shrimp tails with pancetta, asparagus tips  and stracciatella ~ 15

Carpaccio of sea bream, valerian, fennel and passion fruit emulsion ~ 15

Creamed cod, Carasau bread and green sauce ~ 15

Sassella marinated beef, spinach and balsamic vinegar ~ 15

Ricotta and pistachio flan, broad bean pesto and black bread croutons ~ 13

Fresh duck foie gras in torcione, caramelized apples and brioche bread ~ 18

First Courses

Shrimp ravioli, tomato sauce and burrata ~12

Risotto creamed with robiola and lemon, flavored with rosemary flowers ~12

Homemade tagliolini with emulsion of clams and courgette julienne ~12

Gnocchi with squid ink, monkfish and artichoke cream ~12

Lasagnetta with grilled aubergines, smoked and velvety basil scamorza ~12

Pressed macaroni with rabbit ragout and asparagus ~12

Second Courses

Turbot fillets, turnip tops, pine nuts and Taggiasca olives tapenade ~ 22

Red mullet soup with date sauce and rosemary bread croutons ~ 22

Slice of seared sea bass, creamy with lemon and vegetables ~ 22

 Veal meat, delicate sauce with caramelised spring onion and toasted bacon ~ 20

Sliced wild boar with wine (“Port”), raisins and crushed celeriac ~ 20

 Lamb meat, rustic mustard sauce and radish sprouts ~ 20

Local and Traditional Dishes

“Bresaola” air dried cured beef with salad and apple slices ~ 12

Sciattini buckwheat and cheese fritters and salad ~ 12

Buckwheat noodles with butter, potatoes, green cabbages and garlic ~ 12

Risotto with  “Sassella” local wine and a “Casera” local cheese cream ~ 12

Different years of “Bitto” local cheese ~ 12


Different kind of cheese ~ 10

Panna cotta with liquorice and creamy Orelys ~10

Strawberry parfait and chocolate crumble ~10

Cream puff pastry with sour cherry sauce ~10

Ricotta and orange tart, red fruit coulis ~10

Cold zabaglione, toasted almonds and cocoa crumbs ~10