Raw Scottish salmon with avocado, “Robiola” cheese and beet ~ 15

Roasted scallops with taboulet sauce ~ 15

Low-temperature (61°C) cooked Bio Egg with bacon  ~ 9

Roasted octopus with a bean, coffee and lemon salad   ~ 15

Magatello of Fassona cow marinated with “Sassella” local wine and served with spinach sprouts and balsamic vinegar  ~ 15

Duck fois gras, “Passito” wine-marinated apple and brioche ~ 18

First Courses

Spaghetti pasta with monkfish, smoked bacon and egg yolk ~ 12

Homemade maccheroncini short pasta with a prawn sauce ~ 12

Ravioli filled with potatoes with butter, lemon capers and anchovies ~ 12

Linguine spelt pasta with turnip tops, fried bread crumbs and black garlic  ~ 11

Risotto with 3 milk “Robiola” cheese, red cabbages sauce and amaranth popcorn~ 11

Lasagna with curcuma and chicken meat sauce  ~ 11

Second Courses

Salted codfish, star anise and vanilla served with fried polenta (corn meal mush) ~ 20

Weakfish fillet caramelized with Grumello red wine served with broccoli cream and fish eggs  ~ 22

Swordfish slice with an almond crust served with sweet and sour warm vegetables ~ 22

Beef meat cooked in must with mashed potatoes and pumpkin  ~ 20

Boar sirloin with a mushroom crust, apple, sarawak pepper and Porto wine sauce ~ 20

Low temperature cooked lamb shank with onions  ~ 20

Local and Traditional Dishes

“Bresaola” air dried cured beef with salad and apple slices ~ 12

Sciattini buckwheat and cheese fritters and salad ~ 12

Buckwheat noodles with butter, potatoes, green cabbages and garlic ~ 12

Risotto with “Sassella” local wine and a “Casera” local cheese cream ~ 12

Different years of “Bitto” local cheese ~ 12


Different kind of cheese ~ 10

Araguni 72% chocolate and yuzu cupcake, Campari gel and meringue salted and vanilla flavoring  ~ 10

Tart with cream and pears cooked with vin brulé ~ 10

Steam cooked pudding with amaretto biscuits, coffee and fernet  ~ 10

Crème brulé with licorice ~ 10

Apple pie with vanilla ice-cream  ~ 10