Shi Drum fish tartare with courgettes and saffron ~ 15

Carasau bread with smoked wild salmon tartare and marinated tomatoes ~ 15

Marinated mackerel fillet  with vegetables and salad  ~ 15

Parmigiana aubergines pie, grilled cherry tomatoes dip and basil flavored oil  ~ 15

Chopped Veal with light pesto and Tropea red onions braised in “Sassella” wine  ~ 12

Fresh duck fois gras au torchon, dried apple and brioche bread ~ 18

First Courses

Ravioli filled with carbonara sauce and jowl crispy bacon  ~ 12

Creamed watercress risotto, clams and trout eggs  ~ 12

Paccheri pasta au gratin with redfish ragù and peas puree  ~ 12

Homemade tagliolini pasta, olive oil, garlic and chili pepper with a 24 months seasoned “Parmigiano” cheese cream ~ 12

Gragnano spaghetti pasta,  with deepwater rose shrimps and squash blossom ~ 12

Orecchiette pasta with  spring onion cream and dried cherry tomatoes ~ 12

Second Courses

Roast of seabass and aubergines with mediterranean sauce (olives, capers, garlic and cherry tomatoes) ~ 22

Codfish fillet with sautéed spinaches and golden pepper dip ~ 20

Breadcrumbs sole fillet with braised vegetables and baked tomatoes cream  ~ 22

Baked lamb loin with herbs dip and  potatoes tart ~ 20

Fassona meat carpaccio with crispy salad, Casera cheese shavings and basil flavored oil ~ 20

Pork fillet with sautéed fruits, red wine and thyme ~ 20

Local and Traditional Dishes

“Bresaola” air dried cured beef with salad and apple slices ~ 12

Deep-fried “Sciattini” buckwheat with melted cheese heart served on salad ~ 12

Buckwheat “Pizzocheri” pasta with melted cheese, potatoes, green cabbages, garlic and butter ~ 12

Risotto with “Sassella” local wine and a “Casera” local melted cheese ~ 12

“Bitto” local cheese in different vintage years ~ 12



Selection of cheese ~ 10

Crème brulée   ~ 10

Pineapple carpaccio marinated in a starry anise, lime sorbet ~ 10

Strawberries semifreddo, pearls of balsamic vinegar and almond wafer ~ 10

Apricot tatin tart with fior di latte ice cream and lavender sauce  ~ 10

Tiramisù retelling with caramelized cookies ~ 10