Shrimp tails with “Lardo di Colonnata” and shallot cream  ~ 15

Grilled scallops with cauliflowers, cherry tomatoes confit and vanilla flavored salt  ~ 15

Scottish salmon marinated with dill served with celery, mango and lime dressing ~ 15

Radicchio and goat cheese flan with brown bread and a walnut cream  ~ 12

Pan of artichokes and potatoes with “Casera” local cheese, au gratin~ 15

Duck fois gras, “Passito” wine-marinated apple and brioche ~ 18

First Courses

Maccheroncini (short pasta) with an octopus and red wine spicy sauce   ~ 12

Risotto with pumpkin, duck foie gras and crumbled “amaretti” biscuits  ~ 14

Tortelli (filled pasta) with potatoes, “Burrata”, broccoli rabe cream and “Pecorino” cheese slivers ~ 12

Tagliolini (homemade pasta) with sautéed artichokes and braised sea bream ~ 12

Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes cream soup with prawns and lemon grass ~ 12

Buckwheat cannelloni ( pasta) with watercress and “Bitto” local cheese ~ 12

Second Courses

Scorpionfish fillet with tomato sauce, olives and bread croutons  ~ 22

Meagre with herbs and sautéed artichokes  ~ 22

Black codfish fillet with potatoes cream and oyster sauce ~ 22

Pork shank cooked in beer with a vegetable soufflé ~ 20

Angus sirloin steak cooked in salt, “Sassella” local wine sauce~ 20

Veal jowl braised in “Sassella” local wine with mashed potatoes  ~ 20

Local and Traditional Dishes

“Bresaola” air dried cured beef with salad and apple slices ~ 12

Sciattini buckwheat and cheese fritters and salad ~ 12

Buckwheat noodles with butter, potatoes, green cabbages and garlic ~ 12

Risotto with  “Sassella” local wine and a “Casera” local cheese cream ~ 12

Different years of “Bitto” local cheese ~ 12


Different kind of cheese ~ 10

“Panettone” flavored cream, vanilla sauce and dry oranges ~ 10

Brittle semifreddo with coffee sauce and a salted vanilla flavored meringue  ~ 10

Caramelized fruit salad ~ 10

Chocolate soufflé with passion fruit sauce  ~ 10

Zabaglione mousse with toasted almond ~ 10