Raw Umbrella, Ponzu Sauce, Fennel and Celery ~ 15

Marinated red tuna with citrus fruits, sweet and sour roots and chive mayonnaise ~ 15

Smoked salmon, goat’s mousse and leeks, crispy black bread ~ 15

Veal CBT and baby spinach, vegetables and tuna sauce ~ 15

Quail stuffed with fatty liver, aromatic salad and Sassella gel ~ 15

Terrine of mixed vegetables, braised cherry tomatoes and fresh cream cheese ~ 13

First Courses

Beet risotto, Fourme d’Ambert PDO MonS flavored with marjoram ~ 12

Millefoglie au gratin with ricotta d’alpe and stewed leeks, saffron sauce ~ 12

Soup of cannellini beans, scalded scallops, new oil and croutons ~ 12

Potato and spinach gnocchi, aubergine cream flavored with basil ~ 12

Spaghetti di Gragnano, braised scorpion fish and Castelluccio lentils ~ 12

Squid ink tortelli filled with scampi, pumpkin coulis and confit tomatoes ~ 12

Second Courses

Priest’s hat with grape must, potato passata ~ 20

Medallions of pork with balsamic vinegar with pancetta and pistachio ~ 20

Honey-dried duck breast, orange sauce and potato cake ~ 20

Seared turbot, Taggiasca olives pesto and browned potatoes ~ 22

Sea bass steak with seasonal vegetable ratatouille, basil mayonnaise ~ 22

Marinated mackerel fillet au gratin with crisp breadcrumbs with anchovies ~ 22

Local and Traditional Dishes

“Bresaola” air dried cured beef with salad and apple slices ~ 12

Sciattini buckwheat and cheese fritters and salad ~ 12

Buckwheat noodles with butter, potatoes, green cabbages and garlic ~ 12

Risotto with  “Sassella” local wine and a “Casera” local cheese cream ~ 12

Different years of “Bitto” local cheese ~ 12


Selection of cheeses ~ 10

Creamy with passion fruit, praline and crumble ~ 10

Cherry cheesecake ~ 10

Semifreddo with panettoncino with zabaglione cream ~ 10

Millefeuille with orange cream and chocolate sauce ~ 10

Pineapple confit with caramelized vanilla ~ 10